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How our walk-in tub and shower installation works

How do we transform your old bathtub/shower into a new walk-in tub or shower? Here’s how the installation process works.

You don’t have to do anything except be home.

We schedule a time with you, at your convenience. We show up at your home with the product – your tub or shower – and all of the tools, equipment and supplies needed. We put down plastic to cover your floors and carpets in order to keep them clean.

We remove your old tub and shower.

When we leave, we’ll take it with us.

We make any renovations necessary.

Your new walk-in tub or shower is designed to fit in the space left by a standard tub. If you have a larger tub or you want the placement of the new tub or shower in a different configuration, we have ways of adding extra building material or filling in extra space with a behind-the-tub shelf. Also, if the door to your walk-in tub works better opening to one direction than the other, we can address that.

We do any electrical work needed.

Many people have no GFCI outlets in their bathrooms; some have one. GFCI is short for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and it is a three-hole outlet with two buttons in the center, a gray button that tests and a red button that resets. If your present tub already has water jets, you probably have one GFCI circuit. But we need two, one for the water jets and one for the heater. We install what’s needed for your specific product and bathroom setup.

We do all the plumbing work as well.

We take the plumbing configuration of your old tub/shower and fit it with what your new walk-in tub or shower needs. Also, if you have purchased a walk-in tub, you might expect that it takes longer to drain than a regular tub. This is why we install a special type of drain that allows water to escape the tub faster. If you desire extra grab bars installed, we do that too.

After the install, we test everything.

We test to make sure all the controls are working, and that your tub is 100 percent leak-proof. We show you how everything works (the water jets, the air jets and the lights) and we don’t leave until you’re comfortable.

We leave nothing behind.

We respect your home, and we promise to leave it in as good or better condition than when we found it. We want you to be happy with both your new bathroom and with our service. We leave nothing behind – everything is clean and vacuumed.

The process takes about a day.

Sometimes, as when there is extensive remodeling work, the job will go into the second day. If this is the case, you will know ahead of time.

We check with you in the future.

We give you time to get used to your new walk-in tub or shower and then we contact you to check your satisfaction. We want to know if you have any issues so we can fix them. If you have questions at any stage of the process, we’ll answer them for you.

Occasionally, people ask us why they can’t just buy one of our products and install it themselves. But because the process is customized to every individual bathroom, and because electrical and plumbing work is required, certified installers are a must in order to preserve the limited lifetime warranty, which is included with every install. We want you to be happy on the day we leave, and happy after years of use.