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There are a lot of things to think about when considering the purchase of a walk-in bathtub. You feel like it’s a good investment in your own health, but you aren’t sure how to decide. At Designed for Seniors, we understand. We have worked with thousands of seniors like you, and we believe the decision falls into three areas: safety, convenience and therapeutic benefits.

The bathroom can be, quite honestly, a dangerous place for seniors. Most homes are not built with the needs of seniors in mind; they are built for young families (and that may have been when you bought yours). By the time we are older and need more safety features, we are attached to our homes and want to stay in them.

  • You need safety, but you take pride in your independence.
  • You want the comfort of a bath, but you fear a possible fall.
  • You want to make the investment, but you think it might be indulgent.

Let’s talk about those things.

Your safety is paramount to us at Designed for Seniors. When you install preventive measures in your home to keep yourself safe, you also are keeping your independence secure. As most seniors are aware, even a slight injury – a sprain or a strain – can mean weeks in a sling or on crutches. A broken bone can mean months in a rehab facility doing physical therapy and regaining your strength. Either of those might mean depending on one or more of your children to do things for you while you recover. Installing a walk-in tub is one way to make sure you have eliminated the possibility of a fall in the bathtub, and that’s a meaningful return on your investment.

Perhaps you have taken some steps and modified your routine to make sure you’re safer. Maybe you only take showers, or you have a shower seat in the tub and a sprayer that you use by hand. Those are good precautions, but you’ve sacrificed something special: the comfort and healing that can come from being able to soak in a tub.

The safety features of our tubs include a low walk-in threshold, a raised seat, non-skid surfaces, a built-in grab bar and a leak-proof door that ensures you won’t have slippery floors. For convenience, the tub won’t stain or crack and is easy to clean; it also has a limited lifetime warranty. And then there’s the therapeutic factor. Being able to take a safe, comforting bath is not just a luxury; it’s not about bubbles or bath salts. Soaking in warm water eases arthritis pain(1), soothes aching muscles and joints, helps moisturize the skin, relaxes cramped muscles, encourages sleep and helps relieve our stress. The air jets and gentle massage features almost make you feel like you’ve installed a spa at home. Being able to take advantage of this in your own home is not a luxury. It’s an investment in your health.

Your Walk-in Tub Features, Explained:

Unlike some of the cheaper, foreign-made tubs on the market, Designed for Seniors made sure to include the most important safety and health features standard, as well as only use the highest quality parts and components. Check out some of the most important features that accompany your walk-in tub.


  • Low, safe step threshold into & out of your tub
  • ADA-compliant 17” raised seat – no more sitting on the tub floor!
  • Extra-wide door opening around the hips makes getting in & out easier
  • Non-skid floor and seat for safety
  • Built-in anti-scald water temperature protection
  • Built-in grab bar w/ additional grab bars available (deck mount and wall)
  • Guaranteed leak-proof door with double latching system
  • No slippery floors


  • A faster filling and draining experience
  • Easy-grip, ergonomic chrome handle
  • Durable acrylic tub shell that’s easy to clean and resists stains and cracking/chipping
  • Powder-coated steel frame for long life and stability
  • Easy to operate pneumatic push button controls – even with arthritic hands
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all factory installed components.
  • IAMPO Certified, UL Listed, ASMA Compliant, CSA Compliant
  • Extra-wide door opening around the hips makes getting in and out easier


  • 8 fully-adjustable hydrotherapy jets
  • 16 gently massaging air jets
  • Perfect 50:50 air-to-water rations for maximum relaxation and comfort
  • Built-in water temperature maintenance

(1 )  Arthritis Foundation, Warm Water Works Wonders on Pain